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  2. It's been a while now. I've uploaded a prototype to Heroku, feel free to play the random ffa deathmatch: http://solwars.herokuapp.com/ There are no sounds yet. No menu, no customization, ship color is random, only Jav, you get the full player bounty by killing them. Feedback is welcome
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  4. Hi, my name is Spark and I'm a software developer from Brasil. Update: link http://solwars.herokuapp.com/ For a long time now I'm developing a browser based fan game for the SubSpace franchise. I still don't know if I'll use the SubSpace ships (redesigns) or create some original ships for the game. I still don't know if I can use SubSpace in the name, or just drop it and call it Sol Wars, but for now I'm writing the game engine. Here are some screenshots This is how the sprites look like before the engine applies color and decals: That said it means I can do this in run time as a substitute for banners: Multiplayer and polygonal collisions are working... I mean, you collide with ship geometry and not a square, shots can also rotate you depending on how and where it hits you. I want to keep this thread updated on the project if you don't mind. (If it's waaaaay too off-topic for this forum feel free to delete it)
  5. (I'll still reply 2.5 years later) It's in your continuum instal folder. From there go to sounds folder, they are listed as bong. The one you want is called bong6. These files are .wa2, but you can simply change them to .wav and open them in a common media player.
  6. Yes for the person that last killed you just use %killer You can also use %killed %area %coord %tickname (tickname is the name you have selected in the F2 or page up & down list) There are other ones as well, I think there are listed in the F1 menu in game.
  7. Are there any "variables" that can be used? For example, something like: I just got owned by %lastkiller%! would actually type: I just got owned by Big_Banana! (if I was last killed by Big_Banana)
  8. Hola, There is a discord server for Quantum Space and the new Isometry Enhanced Biller that I've been working on. Updates and discussions relating to both can be found there. Do feel free to join and invite others. Please invite who you will: https://discord.gg/S26weBw Cheers POiD
  9. Just a little teaser of an update. Keep in mind all graphics are still placeholders. They'll get replaced once we find time for it and functionality is working!
  10. Stag Shot has Power Ball now showing in Quantum Space. First step on the road ...
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