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    Hola, There is a discord server for Quantum Space and the new Isometry Enhanced Biller that I've been working on. Updates and discussions relating to both can be found there. Do feel free to join and invite others. Please invite who you will: https://discord.gg/S26weBw Cheers POiD
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    Hey All, First official post in this project so all are aware of the on going effort. The following video shows the progress I had made as of May 2015, on a continuum replacement currently called QuantumSpace. The project is made in the Unity 3D Game Engine. Initially the idea is to emulate Continuum, but this is just to ensure it works properly, is tested and works in all zones and then it can (and will) be enhanced from there. My overall goals for the project are: Bring in actual 3D ships, while still playing in a 2D environmentIntroduce different camera angles for certain game playImprove overall graphics to appeal to the newer generation of gamers that don't like the retro feel.Enhanced UI options to make it easier to use and bring in the use of the mouse for PCsMake the client work on mobile devices (specifically tablets), for both iOS and Android.Add an actual automated tutorial to the start of the client to lessen the learning curveAdd an offline practice mode with simple AI ships for aim practice / helping with map design testingThough these are my primary initial goals, I have been trying to code the client with future enhancements in mind. Specifically leaving opportunities for other changes as I've gone along, most of which would require new server functionality. Enough talking though, time for the video! QuantumSpace - May 2015 Youtube Demo Video Cheers POiD
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    I have decided to bring back the old SubSpace.co and hope to have it up and running in time for the game to be released on steam. Any and all help with getting previous information back on the site would be greatly appreciated.

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