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  1. https://discord.gg/3W6Cggp
  2. Platinum-Halo

    New Mac Version for Sierra

    I put the file in the downloads area for you.
  3. Platinum-Halo

    Wont install on Win10

    Where did you get the file? What is the file you are trying to install / run? What are your system specs / security settings?
  4. Platinum-Halo

    Map download trouble

    Ok, I had some other things to take care of but I have reuploaded all of the map zip files and uploaded a 7zip file which includes all of the maps (.lvl) files included in the other files. Cheers, Plat
  5. Platinum-Halo

    SubSpace Maps - Large

    Version 1.0.0


    This file includes all the maps (.lvl) files that are in the .zip files in this category. Use 7zip to extract these files.


  6. Platinum-Halo

    Map download trouble

    Hi SirReel, Which map files are you trying to download and having problems with? Cheers, Plat
  7. Platinum-Halo

    lost alias

    Hi Mooker, Thanks for stopping by. You will need to go to http://www.subspaceforum.com/lost-password and put in a support ticket for them to be able to start looking into the situation for you. Cheers, Plat
  8. Platinum-Halo

    Continuum crashes on windows 10

    What about trying turning on Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode?
  9. Platinum-Halo

    Continuum Banner

    So did you ever get rid of the banner? lol
  10. Platinum-Halo

    Continuum crashes on windows 10

    Is it crashing when you go to load into a zone? If so Right-Click on the Continuum icon and select "Run As Administrator" Hope this helps and sorry for the delay.
  11. Platinum-Halo

    I love Continuum

    Feel free to post them on here. Would be great to try and recreate all the old content and add in new content.
  12. Platinum-Halo

    Continuum Banner

    That's a very impressive banner. Unfortunately Polix left and I wasn't able to take over the forums in time to keep the content.
  13. Platinum-Halo

    Billing Server Features

    Oh, so you essentially want all the stuff fixed. LOL!