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  1. I put the file in the downloads area for you.
  2. Where did you get the file? What is the file you are trying to install / run? What are your system specs / security settings?
  3. Ok, I had some other things to take care of but I have reuploaded all of the map zip files and uploaded a 7zip file which includes all of the maps (.lvl) files included in the other files. Cheers, Plat
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This file includes all the maps (.lvl) files that are in the .zip files in this category. Use 7zip to extract these files.
  5. Hi SirReel, Which map files are you trying to download and having problems with? Cheers, Plat
  6. Hi Mooker, Thanks for stopping by. You will need to go to http://www.subspaceforum.com/lost-password and put in a support ticket for them to be able to start looking into the situation for you. Cheers, Plat
  7. What about trying turning on Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode?
  8. So did you ever get rid of the banner? lol
  9. Is it crashing when you go to load into a zone? If so Right-Click on the Continuum icon and select "Run As Administrator" Hope this helps and sorry for the delay.
  10. Feel free to post them on here. Would be great to try and recreate all the old content and add in new content.
  11. That's a very impressive banner. Unfortunately Polix left and I wasn't able to take over the forums in time to keep the content.
  12. Oh, so you essentially want all the stuff fixed. LOL!
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