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  1. On 10/2/2016 at 1:58 PM, SirReel said:

    I am experimenting with running my own Subspace server and wanted to download some existing maps to experiment.  When I download the map zip files from the download area, both windows 10 and 7zip say they are corrupted.  Is there a special zip program or procedure I need to use in order to extract the files that are posted in the download area?

    So far, subspace.co is the only place I have found that has map downloads.  Does anyone know of other sites from which I can download maps?



    Ok, I had some other things to take care of but I have reuploaded all of the map zip files and uploaded a 7zip file which includes all of the maps (.lvl) files included in the other files.



  2. Was going through my Steam games today just to see how everything worked with Windows 10, and had a few issues with Continuum. Luckily the major fix was a simple one that many have already been recommending to new players anyways. Just had to turn on Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility mode to regain my menu and in game sound, and smooth out the black expanding screen at loading. I also had to turn on software emulation to get my FPS to go up, this never really seemed to make a difference on this pc with xp or windows 7.


    Thanks to Polix for the hot fix.

  3. The current available and "reliable" directory servers are:

    ssdir.playsubspace.com (info)
    dirserver.ssnecentral.net (info)



    All directory servers marked in red and any other directory servers not listed here that may come with the game client are either gone, down or abandoned. For an up-to-date list of directory servers, please check out Maverick's SubSpace/Continuum Population Statistics website here: http://sshq.net/tree/3/Directory_Servers

    Zone Owners
    If you are running a zone, make sure to have it connect to all the available directory servers. For subgame, you can use this command in-game:


    For ASSS zones, edit or add the following in /conf/global.conf:

    Server1 = sscentral.sscuservers.net
    Server2 = ssdir.playsubspace.com
    Server3 = dirserver.ssnecentral.net

  4. SSC Network Ban Policy

    Cheating - Performing any action that an unmodified client is incapable of performing. Developing, distributing, or promoting cheat software. Minimal 90 day net ban for first offence. Repeat offenses are often permanently banned.

    Cross Zone Spamming - Flooding a player, squad, zone staff, or network staff with messages from another zone is considered cross zone spamming, whether the message is considered to be harrassing or not. This includes changing names to avoid an ?ignore. Maximum 7 day net ban for first offence.

    Harassment - Continual harassment of players, zone operators, or server hosts either in-game or in real life.

    Profiting - Subspace is a free gaming platform supported by volunteers, and as such it is forbidden to monetarily profit from the game in any way, particularly the selling of player names or squads.

    Security - Disrupting or attempting to disrupt the security of the billing server, any SSC zone or server. Examples include flooding servers or players, spreading knowledge of how to disrupt security, unauthorized access to the billing or zone servers, stealing passwords, impersonating SSC Zones, or distributing confidential information about servers or players. Minimal 30 day first offence net ban for a threat to disrupt security.

    Special circumstances - Any immediate threat to the game that is not handled by the above rules or zone rules can result in a netban at the discretion and approval of an SSC BanG Administrator.


    • Network Bans are used as a last line of defense for preserving the integrity of SSC zones and protecting the game in general.
    • Net bans of length exceeding 365 days require authorization from a BanG Administrator.
    • BanG Administrators handle network ban appeals. Local bans are to be appealed with local zone staff.

            If you would like to appeal a network ban, click on Open New Ticket at the bottom of this page.

    SSC BanG Staff

    Network Operators
    Ghost Ship

    Support Operators

  5. Alias Retrieval Procedure

    Aliases will only be returned to their rightful owners.
    Requests for aliases that do not belong to the requester will be ignored.
    An Operator will not retrieve or reset aliases for themselves.
    An Operator will never request a players password nor force the player to give it to them.

    Methods of Retrieval
    To retrieve an alias one of the following methods will be used:

    1. Matching of the IP and/or MacID.
    2. Matching Registration/Creation Data. Both voluntarily entered information, and PC information used.

    By verifying the match of user information, we can keep confusion and fraudulent claims to a minimum.


    Squad Retrieval Procedure

    Squads will only be returned to their rightful owners.
    Requests for squads that do not belong to the requester will be ignored.
    An Operator will not retrieve or reset squads for themselves.
    An Operator will never request a squads password nor force the squads to give it to them.
    Squads of *unknown* ownership will not be reset. If you have the password to the squad, you can still join.

    Methods of Retrieval
    To retrieve a squad one of the following methods will be used:

    1. Acknowledgement of ownership by current squad members.
    2. If no members, current squad password must be provided.

    By verifying the ownership of the squad with current members, or verifying with the squad password if no members exist, this process helps assure that the request is not fraudulent.


    SSC Billing Name/Squad Retrieval Policy

    These Procedures and their Guidelines are set in place in order to help players with the retrieval of lost ownership of an alias or squad. They are here to help keep the errors in our process to a minimum, and to help players retrieve what is rightfully theirs.

    Name Trading is not supported by the SSC Billing Network, and any aliases or squads lost during a Trade are void of all support from billing ops. However, multiple reports of Name Stealing will lead to operators getting involved and monitoring such players. Name Hackers will be dealt with quickly and harshly.

    Due to the large amount of illicit name/squad trading and the problems stemming from trading, squads of *unknown* ownership will not be reset. If you have the password to the squad, you can still join.

    Operators will not reset aliases for players no matter how long it has been since the name was last used. An operator will not tell a player when the alias was last used, nor when it was created. Operators do not know when the biller will reset an alias as this system was never documented.

    Operators will not tell you the e-mail registered to a alias, nor if the alias has a valid e-mail registered to it. The player that the e-mail belongs to is also the player the alias belongs to. They are the ones who registered it, and therefore they are the rightful owners of the alias per the previous procedures outlined. There is also no command for an operator to change this e-mail without resetting the alias, which is against this policy.

    Exceptions to these procedures are decided by Operators, not zone staff. Operators will not make exceptions to these procedures without consulting another operator before doing so. Policies are set for these exceptions by the operators, and are not made public to protect these procedures.


    SSC Billing Staff

    Network Operators
    Ghost Ship

    Support Operators

  6. I have decided to bring back the old SubSpace.co and hope to have it up and running in time for the game to be released on steam. Any and all help with getting previous information back on the site would be greatly appreciated.

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