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  1. Version 1.34.7


    SubGame - used for hosting a zone
  2. Version 1.0.0


    For use with SubSpace Billing Server
  3. Version 0.23


    SubSpace Billing Server v0.23
  4. Version 0.22


    SubSpace Billing Server v0.22
  5. Polix retired. So after I was able to get the site I'm now having to try to "rebuild" the site. I'm talking with a few people that have some backups but I'm not sure when they were last done so yeah.
  6. Thanks LB. I'm trying to get things back up and running. I wasn't able to get ahold of the former admin staff before it was taken down or after to get the old data and bring the site back up. I'm looking to get as much of the old content. (files, pictures, forum content, etc.) back up on the site.
  7. Version 0.40


    Continuum Client 0.40 for Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / 9x
  8. SSC Network Ban PolicyCheating - Performing any action that an unmodified client is incapable of performing. Developing, distributing, or promoting cheat software. Minimal 90 day net ban for first offence. Repeat offenses are often permanently banned. Cross Zone Spamming - Flooding a player, squad, zone staff, or network staff with messages from another zone is considered cross zone spamming, whether the message is considered to be harrassing or not. This includes changing names to avoid an ?ignore. Maximum 7 day net ban for first offence. Harassment - Continual harassment of players, zone o
  9. Alias Retrieval Procedure Guidelines Aliases will only be returned to their rightful owners. Requests for aliases that do not belong to the requester will be ignored. An Operator will not retrieve or reset aliases for themselves. An Operator will never request a players password nor force the player to give it to them. Methods of Retrieval To retrieve an alias one of the following methods will be used: 1. Matching of the IP and/or MacID.2. Matching Registration/Creation Data. Both voluntarily entered information, and PC information used. Reasoning By verifying the match of user information, w
  10. To my knowledge they are posting the Continuum client to steam and not the original VIE SubSpace client.
  11. I have decided to bring back the old SubSpace.co and hope to have it up and running in time for the game to be released on steam. Any and all help with getting previous information back on the site would be greatly appreciated.
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