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  1. Well subspace-continuum isn't doing well for a few main reasons from my point of view. 1. Lack of moderation options: - leads to a ban mentality, versus attitude, culture of abuse, trolling, and politics. A. Moderation option to auto-silence someone no matter if they alias, change ips etc. B. Moderation option to add people to your group chats by invite only. So their alias has to be on a list. C. Moderation option to idiot box cheaters (so their bullets are ineffective against anyone except other cheaters) D. Moderation option to auto-spectate someone no matter if they alias, change ips etc. E. Preferably a ban system that went the way of the dodo bird. - In other-words remove ban as an option from zone owners and you eliminate some systemic issues that can be dealt with through other moderation options. - automate moderation as much as possible to remove the 'personal attack' aspect of enforcing zone rules and thus reducing retaliation through trolling. F. We need a client that only accepts two accounts per an IP/MACID/HARDDRIVE SERIAL NUMBER, windows10 key if possible and email. - addresses the issue of smurfing which enables bad behaviours, limitations on smurfing provides an atmosphere in game that holds people more accountable. 2. Lack of development: - the game relies on specialists for any serious work to get done in zones. - there is a problem with specialists in charge of zones losing motivation, being busy, or going MIA, and not finding replacements or allowing someone else to step in. - leads to stagnation, people sitting on sidelines, trolling, abusive moderation (policing), inability to effect change. For a future client to be successful bot/module & graphic (map making) development has to be so easy that anyone can do it, this way there is never a back log of specialists or experts since anyone with any skill level can contribute and zones are always developed. Ways to achieve this would include: A. bot creation could be integrated into the map making client, that has a script overlay to it (like lua) so i could essentially code a bot in C+/python using a much simpler language like lua. B. having a development database connected to the map making client, where if a person chooses they can upload their art, lvz, tiles and maps. anyone else accessing the map making client can connect to the database and browse through other peoples creations, as well as rate them and download them. C. having a more flexible server with all of the options of AS3 is a good starting point, even AS3 is outdated now and could be improved, so i would expand on that. This is what I can think of for now, anything else is just gravy to me. There are preferential ways to improve the game, so less rooted in fact of what the game requires to work and more about a persons preferences. I would aim to make your client customizable, and to add in features that some other zones found work arounds for in subspace to try and pull off. E.G hyperspaces attempts at upgrading ships and having buy menus, other zones attempts at automated AI turrets and fighters etc.
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