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  1. Hey Poid, You asked me to post a reminder for when you're further in development. We talked about matchmaking, what the player should actually be thrown into after installing and hitting Play, how to train players on bots, and how to retain new players. Specifically, some of my suggestions: 1) The player should have a big fat PLAY button on the client right there when they login (excluding the initial signup for a user account). 2) The default should be a game vs. bots to learn the game 3) The principal setting should be TWBD, probably as a spider, as that is the newbie-friendliest ship in close-quarters. Even a terrible spid going 60-100 in a game is getting 60 kills and that provides positive feedback and feelings of success and impacting the game. 15-30 minute games are perfect, and it is viewer friendly with all the action on 1 screen. 4) Players can then progress later on to shark or terr. Personally I would re-name these to 3 classes: Carrier, Fighter, and Guardian. They better describe what all 3 are doing. One is quarterbacking and the "carrier" in terr, Spiders are essentially fighter ships doing DPS, and Sharks are guardians protecting their team. Shark, Terr, and Spider don't have any descriptive nomenclature. 5) The TW settings are great for introducing players, and was the most popular league, but probably not deep or interesting enough. I think using champions like MOBAs is the way to go. Specific to the 3 classes/roles of Carrier/Fighter/Guardian (terr/spider/shark). I think those roles really are fantastically balanced for good action and really unique and no other game comes close. Overwatch has maybe the closest similarity with team-based focus and de-emphasis on stats (sharks are kind of similar to Reinhardt, spider similar to DPS, terrs similar to support) with objective-based gameplay and is incredibly successful. WB is boring and simple, and Jav is fun but incredibly hard and probably lacks the ability to grow into its own complete genre. Basing is the only thing with those qualities. 6) The complicated client and button scheme of Continuum, then throwing people into pub which is awful and boring and doesn't represent the best aspects of the game (TWD, TWDT, elim, events) is just horrible. Elim is similar to fortnite and really TW is the OG fortnite, throwing people into that structure could work okay, too, but to my mind spider is the key ship-type to focus on for new players. Player retention is key, training them with bots is key, simple intuitive controls like QWER is key, and tooltip prompts for attaching, firing, moving the ship, etc. are key. You have 2 minutes to convince a player to keep playing your game, and that's the only way to do it, IMO. Hopefully we can chat soon! -Claus
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