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  1. The following list of TODOs are already identified and need completion. Implement Bricks Implement Stationary Flags Implement movable Flags Implement Cont encryption Implement Soccer balls Implement Soccer goals Implement Voice messages Implement Attaching Implement Putfile / Getfile Implement Changing Arena Settings In-Game Implement KotH Implement LVZ loading Implement LVZ displays and toggling Implement prize buying Implement UFO Implement Zone Banner Advertising Implement doors Implement Worm Holes Implement Shrap Implement mid screen messages Implement side Item Graphics Implement Help Ticker Add sounds Implement Timers Implement log files / *logbuffer -17/08/2016 Implement showing News.txt in a window during login and post login. Completed. 17/08/2016. -POiD Look through RTFParser code and trim it down to only what is needed. Update NewsScreen.cs to traverse the structure and use the Rich Text elements supported by Unity. Pretty it up basically. Look at using Cont Login packet over VIE login packet. The list will be updated further when more time permits or new mandatory items have been noted. More items updated as completed. -08/10/2018 POiD
  2. - Add First Person shooting mode. Reachable by zooming into ship from 3rd person and "popping" into 1st person mode. Will require design of "cockpit" and applicable radar / warning lights to help mitigate the gap between 1st and 3rd person modes. - Add arena setting to allow forcing players to be in 1st person mode or be sent to spec. Would allow hosts or arena designers to create 1st person games in zone. - Add VR support. The most logical option would be to add this after the above 1st person mode has been added. Could potentially also create a way to control ship 3rd person style using headset and controller / hand controls. This option would put ss on the radar of an up and coming area of gaming and make it one of the first (if not the first) with multi-player functionality in the VR gaming world. - Support other languages via new Character Encoding. Specifically support for Asian language characters to be added.
  3. - New weapon type "laser". Will send a firing packet, and continue displaying until a stop packet received. Every X milliseconds a "firing packet" must be received or client assumes stop packet was lost and stops laser. Max range will be configurable but otherwise it stops only on collisions. Constant drain on firing ship power and damage received every tick count by those hit. - New weapon type "tractor beam". Short range shot that traps another ship (friend or foe, possibly configurable). Beam will have constant drain on power of ship shooting it (configureable) and will prevent hit ship from moving and firing. Firing again would release the locked ship. While in the beam the hit ship will remain X pixels from the ship shooting it.
  4. POiD

    Billing Server Features

    Limiting nicks to 2 per registered email. Ability to Free a nick up (after a delay) if player wanted to take on a new nickname. Ability for registered email on a nick to be changed, if for example the owner loses access to the original email address. More than 10 chats, with chat 10 working without use of ;;10;
  5. - Add settings to allow Shields to have a minimum and maximum percentage set, instead of stopping *all* damage. Can be increased by picking up extra greens up until the maximum percentage setting. Would also need to change display so player could see their current % shield strength. - option to have private messages show up in tabbed conversation windows, so that even if afk you don't miss messages you may have received. They'd still show in the main window, but also give you the option of seeing just individual private discussions and typing there sending in private, without having to do the :<playername>:<msg> bit. == Chats in Tabs implemented. Configurable to work for Private Messages and Chat Channel messages. Option to group private all in the same tab, or separate them out. Similarly done for Chat Channels, either grouped or separated. - Ability to show a power bar just above the ship and customize the energy at which it turns "green". Possibly allow this to be set per zone and per ship.
  6. Hey All, Figured it would be good to have a place for myself to put improvement ideas I think of, but don't have time to do until a later phase. But also for others to suggest things that have been bugging them with the existing client(s). I'll monitor this thread and add items that make sense for me to this thread post under the wishlist. As they get added, I'll also indicate as such. So feel free to post suggestions! Wishlist Support client specific ship settings. Would require new packets / server functionality. Log files with date and time stamps. Option Added. 18/08/2016 - POiD Log files output in XML format option. Option Added. 18/08/2016 - POiD Ability to customize interface by moving F2 list, Radar, Energy, Chat lines and Scores. Add current kills / deaths above Radar (as an option that can be turned on or off). Add F2 sort option to place attachable ships at the top of a freq list. Only really helpful in zones where not all ships can be attached to. Ability to customize ?chat channel colours. Setting to allow Anti-warp to not affect players in safe zone New Tile type to buffer anti-warp radius. Fly over or Under tile that stops AW radius. Cheers POiD
  7. Hey All, First official post in this project so all are aware of the on going effort. The following video shows the progress I had made as of May 2015, on a continuum replacement currently called QuantumSpace. The project is made in the Unity 3D Game Engine. Initially the idea is to emulate Continuum, but this is just to ensure it works properly, is tested and works in all zones and then it can (and will) be enhanced from there. My overall goals for the project are: Bring in actual 3D ships, while still playing in a 2D environmentIntroduce different camera angles for certain game playImprove overall graphics to appeal to the newer generation of gamers that don't like the retro feel.Enhanced UI options to make it easier to use and bring in the use of the mouse for PCsMake the client work on mobile devices (specifically tablets), for both iOS and Android.Add an actual automated tutorial to the start of the client to lessen the learning curveAdd an offline practice mode with simple AI ships for aim practice / helping with map design testingThough these are my primary initial goals, I have been trying to code the client with future enhancements in mind. Specifically leaving opportunities for other changes as I've gone along, most of which would require new server functionality. Enough talking though, time for the video! QuantumSpace - May 2015 Youtube Demo Video Cheers POiD