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  1. Hello, Long time no see... I've updated all the links to point to the new server. http://solwars.io/ Here's 4 bots using Levs. 3 are targeting me, the blue is targeting the bottom purple. Bots pick ships at random each death, so this screenshot is kind of a rare moment.
  2. I've heard people like screenshots...
  3. Hello again, Some news, you can now customize the controls. Server-side only entities that can spawn stuff. So we've got a nice asteroid belt around [0, 0] with a 5000 pixel radius. We've got a pickup spawner (remember the green boxes? that) with 20 second delay and 20 simultaneous boxes maximum. No art for the new things yet, so rocks are gray heptagons and pickups are green squares. Pickups don't collide with bullets, ship debris (doritos) also don't collide with bullets, but rocks do. For now we've got 3 pickups: More energy, Better bullets and Better engine... A toast is displayed when you pick something up telling you which one you've got. Thank you for reading this thread and testing the game. link: http://solwars.io/
  4. Aaaaaand hello again, Today I've halfed the number of syncs from the server and turns out the client-side can lag compensate that missing frame, so server is running 64 ticks, sends only 32 per second to the client, so less lag impact and same smoothness. I've redone the physics reaction to collisions, now entities have mass and other boring stuff. About balancing: shots are a little faster now so humans can calculate the hits as good as the bots. Bots have a NPC skin now... they are all colored #A2A2A2 with black eyebrows but don't talk yet, otherwise they would say stuff like "eat soy" or "protect politicians"... (I love memes, sorry) Ship explosions now leave 7 doritos that last for 5 seconds (used to be 5 doritos for 12 seconds). Impact damage was largely reduced to favor gun play and prevent accidental suicides for entities with no alive owner (thus losing the bounty) I'll work on QoL stuff soon, so keep an eye on this thread link: http://solwars.io/
  5. Hello again, Today I've added ship debris when you die, so no longer you will have that "disabled" state before respawning, you will become floating doritos with your ship's color. Also I've optimized once again the entities processing logic on the server side, it was just too slow to go through every sector and then every object in their sectors, mainly because of empty sectors and what not... now the server has a list of active entities and uses that to process the game loop. The network data is also smaller now, not serializing whole entities was a big improvement in network speed. The game still tries to overcompensate server-side slowness and will go super fast sometimes, so that's something I might fix today. Hope you all have a great evening link: http://solwars.io/
  6. Hello again, Today I've added more bots to the server (they are 4 now). I've simplified and optimized the way the client-side handled entities, it was previously using the same structure as the server but with a limited set of objects, which turned out to be unnecessary. That said I've managed to make the client-side perform some calculations as well and thus "compensate" for lag, only visually, as the server is still the boss and will nudge you back in case of de-synchronization. The many rendering bugs caused by the two layered entity management in the client-side are gone now, no more inactive floating bullets. Performance is noticeable better now. Here's the link, one more time: http://solwars.io/
  7. Hello again, I've added bots to the server and balanced the ship status, so the game is a little slower, the aiming is a little more precise and you have a use for the afterburner... Here's the game link again: http://solwars.io/
  8. It's been a while now. I've uploaded a prototype to Heroku, feel free to play the random ffa deathmatch: <link no longer valid> There are no sounds yet. No menu, no customization, ship color is random, only Jav, you get the full player bounty by killing them. Feedback is welcome
  9. Hi, my name is Spark and I'm a software developer from Brasil. Update: play on your browser http://solwars.io/ For a long time now I'm developing a browser based fan game for the SubSpace franchise. I still don't know if I'll use the SubSpace ships (redesigns) or create some original ships for the game. I still don't know if I can use SubSpace in the name, or just drop it and call it Sol Wars, but for now I'm writing the game engine. Here are some screenshots This is how the sprites look like before the engine applies color and decals: That said it means I can do this in run time as a substitute for banners: Multiplayer and polygonal collisions are working... I mean, you collide with ship geometry and not a square, shots can also rotate you depending on how and where it hits you. I want to keep this thread updated on the project if you don't mind. (If it's waaaaay too off-topic for this forum feel free to delete it)
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