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    Mac support

    **Resolved** Although it may seem intuitive I was not moving the game to the applications folder once the installation finished and showed up in finder. This messed everything up and prompted the errors since i was trying to run the game from the downloads folder. (though i don't see why that shouldn't work) I am still not clear as to why the game had previously crashed but it is now working.
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    Mac support

    Hey guys I figure I'd run this by you since its been the main way I have been playing SSC for the past year + or so. I've previously downloaded the mac/wineskin version of the game and up until now have not had many problems with it. A few days ago I've tried to open the application and it simply refuses to open and/or gives me some kind of "fatal error" message from wineskin. I've since deleted everything continuum related on my mac and tried to reinstall the game with the DL link you provide on the main site, but still as I open the application it crashes and gives me a fatal error message. I have tried this a few times to see if its something on my side of things but I have a feeling the wineskin bundle is no longer compatible. (theory) If this is the case I would request that an updated wineskin application bundle for continuum be put onto the website if possible If not and you are using the most up to date wineskin stuff then I guess i will just have to quit continuum for a while or run through bootcamp, but thats the w.c.s. I know mac support isn't always at the top of the priority list but any help would be appreciated. thanks!