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  1. Hello all, for those interested in getting started developing things for continuum or just curious here's a (non comprehensive) list of open source continuum projects. Bots: MERVbot (c++)Extreme Games PyCore bot (python)TWCore bot (java)Monkeybot (c++)OpenCore Discretion (c++)Servers ASSS (A Small Subspace Server) (c++, python)Other Continuum Resizer (C#, c++)Drake Continuum Map Editor (Visual basic)Subspace clones / inspired games DotProduct (html5, javascript)Valor (html5, javascript)Aphelion (java)Helpful links / continuum related websites (Zone help and development)http://www.subspaceuniverse.comhttp://www.subspaceforum.comhttp://www.getcontinuum.com websites http://www.trenchwars.orghttp://www.svssubspace.comhttp://www.deathstarbattle.comhttp://www.rshl.org Please post other projects that you know of.