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  1. Please go here for a nicer formatting/editing versions of these posts, I can't edit these posts here anymore...
  2. I don't want combo mount to be too good, which is why I removed the repel mount. You see, why have the only way to get top bursts, or top repels, is by having combo mount? Just like putting Thor Mount on it, I want Combo Mount's point to be diversity, not superiority. As converters would then allow to get your 2 thors, or your 3 bursts, or 3 repels (...) from other methods, and since Combo Mount has a thor again, I don't want it to be too good. Especially in the hands of good players/teams.
  3. EDIT: Formatting fixed, but you can look at if you want My Changes As we all now know, HS is dead. I shall guess, other than for the rest of Continuum being dead, is that certain things could use more "playable" settings. "Playable" is that, one people would play in! Noting this, I thought of what I could change, and at first, I thought it was some mounts. OLD NEW Ah, but you say, "Everyone and their non-thoring momma will have x2 Close Combat"? Well, not to fear, we'll make a better competition with... OLD NEW With this more defensive types would surely consider the use of a portal instead. Maybe x2 this, x1 of Close Combat and x1 this, or just old-fashioned x2 Close Combat... (it got bursts after all) Now, as for thors... introducing... the Thor Mount item type! Arguably more well deserved then the Repel Mount item type, ships shall be restricted to 2 Thor Mount item types per ship. Even Combo Mount will get this classification, allowing it to get its thor back, thanks to this change, while nerfing its requirement for pinnicle level thoring. OLD NEW OLD NEW Ah yes, what about Decoy System? After all, it seems like rockets are missing (except from Combo Mount)... OLD NEW I don't want Combo Mount to be too good, which is why I removed the Repel Mount item type. You see, why have the only way to get top bursts, or top repels, is by having Combo Mount? Just like putting the Thor Mount item type on it, I want Combo Mount's point to be diversity, not superiority. Converters allow the main way to get 3 repels, or 3 bursts. Having Combo Mount be a requirement on top of that is, to me, unnecessary. Plus, Combo Mount has a thor again. If we consider the potential of Combo Mount in the hands of good players/teams, we don't want a new reason to nerf mounts again. Oh right, the other reason for the removal of the Repel Mount item type: Thors. At the higher levels of ship building thors can become more and more nasty in the hands of good players. We can try to help out with this problem by allowing the option for players to exceed the amount of repels they have compared the potential amount of thors, per ship. So you would be able to have 3 repels to stop 2 thors... this should help.
  4. As well as I can guess, Repels are the major problem when it comes to things like increasing gun time, rushing problems, and things of that nature. Perhaps if this was due to bursts being too weak, the solution could be to buff bursts? This is probably one of the few possible changes left that may have not been very much attempted (since I last played at least)... See, I think that repels easily stop bursts, but are also slowed down by them while being a rusher, even possibly to the point of being countered by them outright. If we do not find a good counter to repels it may be difficult to understand how we could buff them, and/or bring back stronger bomblines, tankier gunlines, and other things that make the game take more skill to win? As I believe right now, it is better if pros have a advantage, as that would indicate a more skillful zone. Of course, this would be best in a way that isn't too lopsided, but is more like a reward for being good, or something like that.