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  1. Hey guys, I have been on ss since about 1999 and I thought Id try and give you guys a hand with at least exposing this game to more people in some fashion. It doesn't hurt to expand what we already have and let people know we exist. I have created a section on our teamspeak-> https://gyazo.com/cfe92eb5c2ac89bdcf073970bdb9af83 (second largest ts community in North America). Showing face on here and generating peoples curiosity wouldn't hurt from our active players and a separate section could be made with more channels if enough people are around and using it. If you guys are interested join this teamspeak address: na.hkgteamspeak.com For more info about what we do here visit us at http://www.highkoalatygaming.org To register as a member of our community so you can move around simply log in to http://www.koalafire.net create an account (no notification of registration completion) sign in with the info you create and click manage. Under the manage section you click teamspeak and just click the steps to make yourself a member. I hope you guys come hang out and hopefully this helps a bit even if just a little to introduce new players to what we have enjoyed for years. - Tap
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