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Found 1 result

  1. Hey All, Figured it would be good to have a place for myself to put improvement ideas I think of, but don't have time to do until a later phase. But also for others to suggest things that have been bugging them with the existing client(s). I'll monitor this thread and add items that make sense for me to this thread post under the wishlist. As they get added, I'll also indicate as such. So feel free to post suggestions! Wishlist Support client specific ship settings. Would require new packets / server functionality. Log files with date and time stamps. Option Added. 18/08/2016 - POiD Log files output in XML format option. Option Added. 18/08/2016 - POiD Ability to customize interface by moving F2 list, Radar, Energy, Chat lines and Scores. Add current kills / deaths above Radar (as an option that can be turned on or off). Add F2 sort option to place attachable ships at the top of a freq list. Only really helpful in zones where not all ships can be attached to. Ability to customize ?chat channel colours. Setting to allow Anti-warp to not affect players in safe zone New Tile type to buffer anti-warp radius. Fly over or Under tile that stops AW radius. Cheers POiD