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Found 1 result

  1. I think there are many ways we might fix the game. However, none are really as certain as going back to an older settings that had a proven population. The question is, which one? If we go back as far as I started playing this game (way back when?) it was a time where private teams were the only thing around (aside for occasionally some public teams). That is one time we could go back to. However, it is questionable whether in 2020, we will be able to set up that kind of game again. It also did not have the highest population... it is probably better to go further in the future than this. The subsequent time would eventually get more and more people playing. However, settings got increasingly broken, mainly from overpowered items. This point had a ton of people playing, but is it fun? We are not trying to sell a product here, so lets move on. The ideal time to me is right after the "Arnk Dylie Item Set" (or so people claimed) was first introduced. Still plenty of people playing, but the settings were more toned down to something closer to "balanced". Afterwards, nerfs came one after another (over time of course, not all at once), and we began to lose features in the game. We lost turreting in center. We lost private flagging teams. We lost most bomblines. Those kinds of things were meant to balance the game. But now, people don't play. Pointless if no one plays anymore...
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