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Windows 10 Support / Workaround

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Was going through my Steam games today just to see how everything worked with Windows 10, and had a few issues with Continuum. Luckily the major fix was a simple one that many have already been recommending to new players anyways. Just had to turn on Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility mode to regain my menu and in game sound, and smooth out the black expanding screen at loading. I also had to turn on software emulation to get my FPS to go up, this never really seemed to make a difference on this pc with xp or windows 7.


Thanks to Polix for the hot fix.

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I'm having problems playing.  I've just downloaded the game again.  I'm on Windows 10 and when I'm in spec mode or even when I try to play, I cannot see a ship.  I can see other ships flying around, but not my own or the one of whoever I'm spec'n.  I can't see text while in the game either, I have to alt+tab out of the game to get the text window to appear.  From there I can see text and talk to people rather its in public or private message.  Please help..



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