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The following list of TODOs are already identified and need completion.

  1. Implement Bricks
  2. Implement Stationary Flags
  3. Implement Movable Flags
  4. Implement Cont encryption 01/11/2018
  5. Implement Soccer balls
  6. Implement Soccer goals
  7. Implement Voice messages
  8. Implement Attaching
  9. Implement Putfile / Getfile
  10. Implement Changing Arena Settings In-Game
  11. Implement KotH
  12. Implement LVZ loading
  13. Implement LVZ displays and toggling - 06/01/2019
  14. Implement and test LVZ Modifcation packets. 22/02/2019
  15. Implement prize buying
  16. Implement UFO
  17. Implement Zone Banner Advertising
  18. Implement doors - 16/02/2019
  19. Implement Worm Holes
  20. Implement Shrap
  21. Implement mid screen messages
  22. Implement side Item Graphics and as Buttons to allow Mouse Click changes
  23. Adjust Physics interpolation to make it smoother.
  24. Implement Help Ticker
  25. Implement Help Menu
  26. Banner Selection Screen
  27. Arena Change Selection Screen
  28. Add sounds
  29. Implement Timers
  30. Implement log files / *logbuffer -17/08/2016
  31. Implement showing News.txt in a window during login and post login.  17/08/2016.
  32. Look through RTFParser code and trim it down to only what is needed.
  33. Update NewsScreen.cs to traverse the structure and use the Rich Text elements supported by Unity. Pretty it up basically.
  34. Look at using Cont Login packet over VIE login packet. - 06/01/2019
  35. Added Mouse functionality for Stats List. 06/01/2019
  36. Added Full screen chat mode and buttons to jump into and out of it. 18/12/2018
  37. Arena settings and list of lvzs downloaded and encrypted along with map for "offline Mode" use. - 04/01/2019
  38. Adjust Options screen to let users select or deselect Stats List sort options.
  39. Update Stats List graphics and overall main client screen look / feel.
  40. Add full map mode to Radar.   15/02/2019
  41. Add Radar map grid.
  42. Add Player Scoreboard, Energy, 
  43. Determine last Cont login packet details preventing client from being recognized as "Cont" instead of "VIE".  12/02/2019
  44. Secure Code to prevent hacking Encryption
  45. Decoys
  46. Bullets
  47. Bombs
  48. MultiFire
  49. Double Barrel Guns
  50. Anti-warp
  51. X-Radar
  52. Stealth
  53. Bursts
  54. Portals
  55. Thor
  56. EMP Bombs / Mines
  57. Rockets
  58. Safety Zones
  59. Repels
  60. Chat - Parse and Open URL Links
  61. Chat - Handle Emoticons
  62. Super
  63. Shields
  64. Prize Share Limit
  65. Ship Damage


The list will be updated further when more time permits or new mandatory items have been noted.



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